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Fashion is a Pronto and Instant Language before we can figure out the person


Fashion is a way of imitation and such of social equalization but self contradictory in changing perpetually. It differentiates one social society from another and one time from another. It unites those of a social grade and isolates them from others. A fashion initiated by a choice and when the hunk imitates it in an effort to hide the external distinctions of class newer mode will abandoned due to the increase of wealth the process quickens.

Fashion doesn’t exist in tribal and less in our societies. Superficialities were concerned and they are irrationality does no harm. The lack of personal freedom signalizes; hence it characterizes the female and the middle class, whose increased social freedom is matched by intense in dividable subjugation. Some forms are intrinsically more suited to the modifications of fashion than others: the internal unity of the forms called classic makes them immune to change.

Fashion and Style are the Attitude with the different kind of styles

Fashion actually concerns not only clothes, but also with  hair style, make-up and accessories, such as  scarfs ,shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats or jewellery and glasses. You can plus size clothing from chesca direct at .

Clothing, footwear and cosmetics manufacturers as well as jewellery makers and hairdressers need to make much more of money. Styles, cuts, designs and particularly the length of clothes change very quickly because designing dress has become a big business nowadays. Fashions often come back to older styles. What is out of fashion, funny or ridiculous now, may look romantic a few decades later. But the fashions never repeat themselves quite in the same way.

There can be a whole range of distinctive features. The dress may have a classic line, A-line or be straight. The waistline may be naturally high or low. At one time straight or slit skirts are in, at another full, bell-shaped or divided skirts become trendy. There is also a variety of materials the dress can be made of traditional natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk and the vast collection of new fabrics based on man-made fabrics. But everybody usually looks for first class, washable, non-iron, crease and shrink-resistant fabric. Their design can be plain or patterned as floral, geometric, striped, checked, dotted or spotted and taken from the whole spectrum of colors running from the brightest and most garish to the coolest and most subdued.